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The PPI Scandal

The PPI Scandal

The PPI scandal has affected thousands of British citizens, just like you. Dubbed a "protection racket" by the The Citizens Advice Bureau, it is estimated that 80% of PPI policies on credit cards and loans were mis-sold.

Britain's banks have been widely selling payment protection insurance for over a decade, meaning you may have been paying an additional 13-56% on top of the cost of your loan for mis-sold payment protection insurance.

Scandalous mis-selling

Sellers of PPI have a responsibility to ensure that consumers understand the product and that it's appropriate for them. But thousands of consumers were misled into buying policies which weren't appropriate for their circumstances, or which weren't properly explained. All policies have exclusions and caveats. But in many cases, consumers were not made aware of these, leaving them paying hundreds of hard-earned pounds for worthless cover.

Reclaim what's rightfully yours

We understand that you might be worried about taking on the banks who have mis-sold you PPI. Don't fret - we're here to stand up for you. Here at PPI Claimline, we're experienced in our field. If you're a victim of the PPI scandal, we're confident we'll claim back the money that is rightfully yours.

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